Do the Rays deserve to make the playoffs?

September 1, 2009
I miss these times. (AP)

I miss these times. (AP)

It is about that time for the once a month article I am intrigued to write about. Five games back from the wildcard. Six games left with Boston. But should the Rays even be in the talk for the playoffs? Read the rest of this entry »


Trade Candidates

July 11, 2009

After writing the Scott Kazmir article I have decided to take a look at the possible Rays to be traded this season if any. So without further to do here it goes. Read the rest of this entry »

Scott Kazmir’s time to go?

July 9, 2009
Could Kid K be the Ray that gets traded?

Could Kid K be the Ray that gets traded? (AP)

Scott Kazmir since the All-Star break last season has been pretty poor. This raises a question to me. Should we trade Kid K? Read the rest of this entry »

Where They Stand Now

June 28, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts as busy schedules make writing hard right now. The Tampa Bay Rays now sit in third place in the standings with 85 games left. The type of ball they have been playing as of late is playoff worthy. The question is will they maintain this style for the rest of the season? Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Links

May 10, 2009

Tonight the Rays will appear on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball for the first time since April of 2000. It is Mother’s Day so we’ll see the pink bats, necklaces, and now shoes. Here is some reading material while you wait for the 8:05 PM start.

Read about who the Rays got from the A’s

Read about tonight’s pink cleats

Read about Steve Phillips expert analysis

Read about another article talking about Kazmir’s mechanics

Read about the attendance against the Red Sox

Read about Garza’s recent success

Over/Under: Scott Kazmir

March 17, 2009

Scott Kazmir

12-8, 3.49 ERA, 166 K’s, 152.1 IP

Prediction: Over

The Rays leader in nearly every pitching statistic turned an overall average year this past season. He came off his injury last season pitching lights out but slowly began his decline. His biggest problem last season was high pitch counts, which can be attributed to the disappearance of his out pitch, the slider. If Scotty K is to have the breakout season we’ve all been waiting for, and finally blossom into the consistent and reliable number one, he’s going to need to regain his feel for the slider. If he can do this, he can keep his pitch counts lower and return to the strikeout king he was back in ’07. Just maybe then, in his fifth full season, he can be the guy to carry this club into October. While I don’t think it’ll show too much on paper, Kazmir will play a bigger role in the success of the team this year.

Predicted ’09 Stats: 15-6, 3.30 ERA, 215 K’s, 200 IP