Six Pack of Question: Opening Series

Mmmmm. Frosty.

In an attempt to offer something new to the site we are bring in the six pack of questions. These questions will basically stem from conversations fellow Rays fans have with each other while drinking, you guessed it, beer. So without further to do, I present the first ever Six Pack

First Beer: (Fan A)Hey dude what the hell is the deal with Soriano man? (Fan B)Not sure bro but he looks Pedro Cerrano from Major League.(Fan A)Didn’t we pay him 7 mil to be a closer? (Fan A) And then he puts up two shaky performances?

New team, new environment, non-save situation. These things can come into factor with Soriano. Should we be worried now? Not at all. If his name isn’t Burrell I have faith in him.

Second Beer: (Fan A) Dude. (Fan B) What’s up bro? (Fan A) That Evan Longoria sure has had a hot start do you think he will win A.L. M.V.P.?

A little early to start the M.V.P. talks for Longo. I am a fan of the hot streak he is on. Hopefully he can find his hat.

Third Beer/Bathroom Break: (Fan A) So that Pat Burrell guy what’s his deal? (Fan B) Seems like he pulled an Adrian Beltre and just got his pay day and said screw it.

As much as I bash Burrell for sucking, which he does, he has had some better approaches at the plate this year. I think if he doesn’t start producing soon the Rays might want to give Blalock a look.

Fourth Beer: (Fan A) Don’t you think we should of swept the O’s? I mean they are the O’s.

The O’s are not a bad team plus it doesn’t help when you lose your starter in the second inning of a game. All that matters is that the Rays keep winning series. I mean did you really think we were going to go 162-0?

Fifth Beer: (Fan A) Dude the 8$ beers at the Trop are taking a toll on my wallet.

Enough Said

Sixth Beer/KEG STAND!!!!!: (Fan A) I wonder how we will fare against the Yankees this weekend? (Fan B) Hopefully the stadium will not be filled with 75% Yankee Fans.

After almost mounting a third straight comeback against the O’s I will be quite interested with how we fair against the Yanks. Timely hitting and smarter base running will be needed since the Rays will see Vazquez, Sabathia, and Burnett.


2 Responses to Six Pack of Question: Opening Series

  1. Bob says:

    Looks like you haven’t posted for a while, but I’ll tell you two things: 1) Longo is a definite MVP candidate, and 2) I am REALLY thirst right now!

  2. Marco says:

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