Rays 4, O’s 3 Post Game 4/6/10

So uh, I was more pumped about Opening Day this year than I have ever been.. The Rays didn’t let that excitement go to waste! WALK OFFFFF!!!!

What Went Right:
Um wow.. My first post game for and I get a walk off.. GO RAYS! Hmmm.. where to start.. So Navi shouldn’t be in the line up until about… uh… Whenever he plays in Durham. Just kidding, but Shoppach earned himself a new fan. This is coming from the guy that still takes crap for liking Navi. And do I need to bring up the bomb that Longo hit? Wow. Hey, how do you spell AL MVP? But seriously, that was crazy. And there was Pat The Bat with a double. And how many runs out of that pen??? This is a nice change.. Hitting was great tonight. In fact, everyone in the starting lineup had a hit, beside CC.. Oh wait, he ended up getting a base knock.. WALK OFF!!!

What Went Wrong:
Hard to complain, but you can always improve. We shouldn’t need a walkoff to beat the O’s but hey, I’ll always take a W. Shields gave up 3 solo homers, but it was simple location mistakes. There was movement on each of the pitches though, so it was just leaving it over the plate. That happens. And besides, he pitched pretty well besides that. There was Pat running through a stop sign. Yeah, he made it, and it turned out to be a crucial run, but if he would have gotten out, and lets be honest, he should have, we would have changed our website name..  I would tell you what I had in mind, but hey, he was safe! Speaking of stop signs, why didn’t Navi get one? But anyways how about Soriano loading the bases? When will managers realize that closers close games. That’s it. Seriously, they suck in any other situation. But good velocity, great movement, struggled with location and put me to sleep in between pitches, but hey, better than anything we’ve had before.

This is the best Rays team that we’ve ever put on a field. Not a bad compliment for a team that went to the WS in ’08..


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