Opening Day is Near

Never been more excited for opening day.(MLB)

As I sit here and watch the season opener between the Yanks and Sox (while heavily drinking of course), I am very excited for what this possible season can bring.

1. No more awful Sportscenter Top 10’s featuring only the NBA and womens basketball highlights.

2. The possibility of what can be with this seasons team.

We know the talent that is on this team and so does the whole baseball world. Do we see a team that lives up to the hype and produces? Or do we get the 09 team that underachieves?

One things for sure and that is the beginning of this season will be the most important time for the Rays. It will lead to a possible fire-sale or playoff run. Lets just hope for the latter.


2 Responses to Opening Day is Near

  1. Alex says:

    Thank god for no more womens highlights

  2. Don says:

    “We know the talent that is on this team and so does the whole baseball world. Do we see a team that lives up to the hype and produces?”

    The entire baseball world is aware of the talent your team processes? What “hype” do you have to live up to? If you DID live up to it, what are the expectations?

    Your talent is sub-par at best. Put together an “All AL East” team. The most the Rays would contribute is Longoria, and Crawford serving as backups to A-Rod, and Lind.

    As for living up to the hype… Unless the Rays are up against an innings eater journeyman, they should rightfully be the underdogs going into 60-80% of their games. While the AL East is continuing to improve themselves, they Rays are only making minor adjustments. I guess implying last season was only a fluke?

    Davis is the truth, but I am not sold on Price. Regardless, both of them are not MLB caliber pitchers yet. Your most valuable pitcher come seasons end could possibly become Niemann. (Yikes)

    All in all, the Rays look as if they have a big portion of the puzzle filled. Except they are missing pieces.

    Your 08′ season was really something. Was it luck? NO. But did you overachieve? YES. You have the unfortunate luck of playing in the hardest division to come out of in professional sports. You’re in a position where you should be settling for no less than perfection. But with a guy coined “Pat the Bat” on your team, I can’t believe the Rays are too committed to competing.

    I’m Don, and i’m representing Felony fucking Fights.

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