Projected Line-Up

In an effort to spice up the site, over the holiday break I am going to attempt to learn as much about sabermetrics as I can. But for now it’s back to writing the basic stuff I know how to. Over the next weeks I will be breaking down what I think the starting 9 will be and will continue to update it until the season starts.

1. Jason Bartlett, SS– I can’t see Maddon moving JB out of the lead-off spot after the season he had last year. Even though his stats will probably drop off a tad, I still expect to see him there.

2. Carl Crawford, LF– Carl move out of the two spot? Come on.

3. Evan Longoria, 3B– 3-4-5 I feel can be moved in different ways depending on how things play out. Longo here for now makes the most sense as he will just improve during at-bats like he showed last year.

4. Carlos Pena, 1B– .240 average, 30 plus homerun season should be expected again.

5. Ben Zobrist, 2B– I like Zorilla in the five or three spot. Just like JB his stats should come down a bit from his monstrous 2008 campaign.

6. B.J. Upton, CF– I still believe this kid has M.V.P type offensive tools. Lets hope the new hitting coach will spark B.J.’s bat or we might have to start sacrificing chickens.

7. Pat Burrell, DH– 1. We find someone to take the salary. 2. We start praying to the Baseball Gods now for him to play better this season.

8. Kelly Shoppach, C– Most people expect him to be an upgrade over Navi as do I. Just hoping that he was worth Mitch Talbot.

9. Matt Joyce, RF– Joyce gets the starting job with Gross being gone from the team now. I would put him in the six spot but we all know how much B.J. hates batting ninth.


2 Responses to Projected Line-Up

  1. Don says:

    Sabermetrics are insanely easy to catch on with, if you just go read Baseball Prospectus.

    A career .241 self proclaimed “power” hitter who is actually progressively getting worse as his career goes on is an upgrade? Huge mistake. Mind you he compiled those numbers in the joke of a division “AL Central”.

    Speculate all you want, but the Rays are going to need to pull out another unreal season to even be in contention.

    You have a strict “hit or miss” offense, and you most certainly don’t have the staff to accommodate the consistency needed to guarantee yourself wins when your offense produces.

    Adding the fact that you play in the division of death, competing for the Wild Card with the rest of the AL will be a constant uphill battle.

    I’ll be avoiding all Rays players in fantasy baseball like the fucking bubonic plage save for Longoria, Crawford and Davis.

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