Thoughts on Acquisitions

Thank you for noting being old and throwing over 90. (AP)

Time to dust the cobwebs off of this site a little bit. The Rays have been pretty active in the off-season and the winter meetings. Lets just take a look at some of the major movies and give our opinion on them.

Rafael Soriano from Atlanta

Tampa Bay basically got Rafael for Aki. This move is basically saying that the Rays want to win, and want to win now. I am personally very happy with this move for the fact that it give the team a definite closer for now.

Kelly Shoppach from Cleveland

Don’t really know too much about Kelly other than reading that he hits left handers fairly well. Should be an upgrade offensively from the catcher spot.

Dioner Navarro Resigned

Dumb…If we were going to pay two million for a catcher why didn’t we just keep Zaun. This move really does not make much sense to me unless they are trying to trade Navi now for prospects.

Then there are the other moves such as Gross being non-tenderd and Balfour being resigned along with Choate and Cormier. So far the off-season is showing promise for next years team.

The only thing that I ask is can someone just make up their mind on the Bradley deal already?


One Response to Thoughts on Acquisitions

  1. Alex says:

    Nice post! I agree with your thoughts on Navarro. 2 mil could have definitely been used more wisely. Hope there are more articles to come.

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