Rays Leader: Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford is the leader of this team. (AP)

Carl Crawford is the leader of this team. (AP)

Short list before I get started:

  • Carl must come back.
  • Carl must be signed to a four to five year extension.
  • Carl is the leader of this team.

Marc Lancaster from the Tampa Tribune reported that Crawford is open to signing a long term deal. This is probably the best news the Rays will have all offseason. With Kaz getting dumped off C.C. will have is option picked up most likely. But the better scenario is having him signed for four to five more years.

Carl is 28 coming off a major season offensively. Also his running game has been the best I have seen from a player with an injury free season. This is why you have to sign him for four to five years. By the time he is 32/33 his legs are going to start giving out. You can only run at his pace for so long.

Most Rays followers might disagree with me when I say that C.C. is the team leader. People will probably say Carlos Pena is with his inspiration on the field. I look at it like this. Carl has been playing with the big club since 2002. He has been through the hell times and been to the promise land. He’s also 28 and been around the block a couple time. Carl is the face of the Rays now, while Longoria is the future. Crawford has helped put this team on the map by being one of the most dynamic players to watch over the span of his career.

Even in twitter land people want Carl back. @noahpransky @thriftgoddess @pixie1212 @RaysUpdates @FLallday @MediumD are all in agreement to bring C.C. back. And honestly, other than money, there is no reason not to have him back.

If Jason Varitek wears a C on his jersey and sits the bench there should be a shrine in left field for Carl.


2 Responses to Rays Leader: Carl Crawford

  1. Theresa says:

    I know the argument that dumping Kaz was a good move to free up money..whatever. I will say though that if they don’t keep Crawford, they might as well hire 8 year old girls as the starting line-up, cause they’ll bring in just as many baseball fans.

  2. Brett Ballard says:

    I agree, you can’t dump him right after Kaz. They were the two big faces.

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