Milton Bradley? Pass Please

Stay as far away as you can from Tampa please. (AP)

Stay as far away as you can from Tampa please. (AP)

There have been some rumors swirling around saying that Mr. Bradley could end up a Ray during this off season. I usually support mostly every move this team makes but this one? Really?

Argument one for Bradley: Bradley has better stats than Burrell.

Ok Bradley might have some better stats that Burrell and is a lot more mobile. But the clubhouse factor is a huge issue. Bradley is a cancer, an non-curable cancer at that.  He is basically the Terrel Owens of the MLB.

Argument two for Bradley: Burrell had an tussle with Crawford this year. There would be no difference with Bradley there.

WRONG. Any time you mother has to publicly apologize for you behavior that gets you suspended for the season by your team is pathetic.

Argument three for Bradley: He is a year removed from his amazing season as a DH.

This would be the only decent argument out there for getting Milton. The reason he would be brought over would be to be a DH. We don’t need an average outfielder while Desmond Jennings is lying around in Durham.

Bottom line is that these Bradley rumors need to go away. He should not be a part of this team. At least with Burrell the young players have someone to look up to for advice. I do not see anyone looking up to Bradley for anything.


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