Too Much Pressure This Year

I have come to realize that this season was not a failure over the past couple of weeks. It is always better to have a winning season then be complete flops such as the Devil Rays were.

This year just seemed like the odds were stacked against the Rays. Did they have the talent to go to the playoffs? Of course. Did they have the capability to win the A.L. East again? Maybe if the Yanks did not buy the whole free agent market. But the team did not play up to par and it could have been from such high expectations set from last season.

The pitching staff and bullpen threw no where near the numbers they had last season. The fact that the starters might have pitched so much last year and were tired to start this year could have been the problem. The pen was not as automatic this season.

The offense was the most bipolar thing to ever witness. Amazing some nights, terrible others.

I could go on and complain about the what ifs and why Tampa Bay was so bad but there is no need. Everyone that reads this is avid followers of the team and has seen what happened this year.

All we can watch now is the end of the season and keep our heads held high. As much as a disappointment it was you have to realize two things. One, the Rays are not the Devil Rays and two, they are going to be good for years to come. Tampa Bay just had to much on there plate this year for such a young ball club.


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