Wade Davis to start future of Rays pitching Sunday

Introducing Mr. Wade Davis (AP)

Introducing Mr. Wade Davis (AP)

The news of Wade Davis starting Sunday is a little old. But his start does not just mean the start of his Major League career, but the future of Rays pitching.

With Davis up it looks like Sonnanstine will be put in the bullpen where I think he is better fitted. A long relief role will be better fit and the Rays would be able to put Corimer in shorter relief roles.

Back to Wade though, scouts have said Davis is a number two in the starting rotation with high upside. Seems like a typical pitcher the Rays develop in the farm system.

But with Wade coming up this could start the next wave of great starting pitchers to come up from the minors. Jeremy Hellickson, Mitch Talbot, and Kyle Lobstien are highly touted prospects who could be with the Rays in two to five years.

After Stu Sternberg’s comments about how the team will continue to handle situations such as the Scott Kazmir one these prospects could be the future of the staff.

The 2010 staff could look like this:

  1. James Shields
  2. Matt Garza
  3. David Price
  4. Wade Davis
  5. Jeremy Hellickson/Jeff Niemann

This future staff, if of course pitches to their expectations, could easily be the most dominate in the league. But it all starts Sunday with Mr. Wade Davis.


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