Is it just me?

Story of the season. (Dirk Shad/Times)

Story of the season. (Dirk Shadd/Times)

Is it just me or was it easier watching the Devil Rays get destroyed all season than watching the Rays this year?

After writing the playoff post yesterday and watching last nights game this team should not be in the playoffs. There is no fire in this team. No spark or awareness of what needs to be done. Cylinders are not clicking at all. Or whatever cheesy analogy you can use for this team.

Too many times this year Maddon has made bad match ups with pitchers. Shuffled line-ups to late into the season. Or called for pitch outs on 2-1 counts to the former AL MVP.

Its not all Papa Joe’s fault this team has underperformed. I’m sorry but when your team has the likes of Evan Longoria, David Price, and Matt Garza, and your teams best players have been Jeff Niemann and Ben Zobrist, then you don’t deserve a thing.

It is unfortunate to watch a team with this much talent not be better. People can argue that the best is yet to come for this team. But how can you say that when the talent that got the Rays so far last season can not put up half the results this season?


One Response to Is it just me?

  1. CharlieRay says:

    I think it’s you. Would you rather have back the old tram that finished last or the team we have now with the 2nd beat year we have ever had. That said, I’m also disappointed we did not do better.

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