Do the Rays deserve to make the playoffs?

I miss these times. (AP)

I miss these times. (AP)

It is about that time for the once a month article I am intrigued to write about. Five games back from the wildcard. Six games left with Boston. But should the Rays even be in the talk for the playoffs?

Me being a fan of the Rays wants to see them in the playoffs more than anything else. By whatever mean it takes to get them in the dance. But me being a realist realizes that there has been to many times this season that Tampa has choked in games. There was the Seattle game with the biggest hanging curve ball I have ever seen. Or the recent Tigers game where Placido Polanco was the hero.

Fact of the matter is the Rays have not finished games this year. Or beat the living piss out of the bad teams this season like they did last year. In 2008 there would be no doubt in my mind when a team like Toronto or the Tigers rolled in and I would know we would sweep them. Now I am on the edge of my seat hoping that we do not get blown out.

I am not surprised about the Kazmir trade as i thought it was a good idea when I wrote the article a while ago. We have talent to replace him. Thats not the main concern. It is the inconsistency of this team all season. One day the offense is awful and the pitching is good and vice versa.

As I get ready to head to the first game of the biggest series all season there is one question that still lingers on me. Will the Rays play like the ’08 team that deserved to be in the playoffs? Or will it be the same ’09 team that couldn’t consistently beat a minor league team?


One Response to Do the Rays deserve to make the playoffs?

  1. Jeff says:

    I appreciate your passion for your hometown (regional) team, but would you please, please, please, refrain from excluding the word “Bay” from future articles. Everyone expects the mainstream media to omit the word because they’re lazy, but there’s no excuse for a fan operated website to not report the correct name of the team they’re passionate about. Tampa BAY Rays management would probably be grateful too!

    By the way… you do a nice job commenting on the team. Keep up the good work.

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