The next push for a new stadium location comes from a group of people trying to build the stadium downtown. Now me being a student at the University of Tampa would love for this to happen. I wouldn’t mind waking up at three P.M. and walk from my dorm to the stadium to tailgate.

Here is background taken from the site:

“ was formed by a group of dedicated Tampa Bay Ray’s fans that believe the best place to build a new stadium, in terms of the Team’s interest and the interest of the Tampa Bay Region, is in Downtown Tampa. This is a once in a generation opportunity for the Ray’s fan base to finally come together and prove that we want this team in the region forever.”

Also taken from the site:

“Over the coming months, will prove the case that Downtown Tampa is the best location for a new stadium. We will accomplish this goal through coalition building, fact gathering and polling.”

The site goes on to provide some quick facts of the Rays and shows other downtown stadiums that are successful. They also say that location is the main problem with the attendance numbers.

This is very exciting to see someone take charge in pushing for the stadium to be outside of St. Pete. My only true question is where they would put the stadium and the traffic flow downtown?

Everyone should go check out the site and sign the petition. Even if it doesn’t work the added interest to get a stadium in Tampa will help. I mean lets be honest who really likes driving an hour to see your hometown team that resides in a different city.


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