Trade Candidates

After writing the Scott Kazmir article I have decided to take a look at the possible Rays to be traded this season if any. So without further to do here it goes.

Earlier this season we particapate in a Rays trade pool contest over at Rays Index (Click here to see everyones choices.) So we will start with those players first.

Reid Brignac- In a package deal Reid can bring back some quality talent for the future. If set in the right package he can bring back power bat for the time being.

Justin Ruggiano-With the Rays acquiring Matt Joyce and Desmond Jenning’s surge in the minors Ruggy seems more and more likely to go.

Chad Bradford-High salery, but with Sternberg saying that a payroll cut Bradford isn’t likely to go unless he struggles.

Carl Crawford-The biggest question coming into the season with a 10 million option for next Crawford was picked as the one to be traded. With his career season and the Rays in the race then C.C. will probably stay.

Here are some other choices:

Scott Kazmir-You can check out the article Here

The Gabes-With Joyce waiting in the wings you would have to think the Rays might listen to offers for the Gabes. Especially if they can bring any sort of prospect back. Also Fernando Perez is making his way back.

Shouse or Nelson-They might have to blame Randy Choate for this because there could be problems when Shouse gets off the DL. Choate has looked great as the left handed specialist while Shouse has been hurt posting a 1.23 ERA in 23 games.

Anyone we missed or anyone else you think let us know.


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