Pat The Bat Turnaround?

Could this be the homerun that turns around Burrells dismal season? (AP)

Could this be the homerun that turns around Burrell's dismal season? (AP)

For anyone watching last nights game you saw Pat Burrell hit his fourth homerun to lead the Rays to victory. Now while everyone has had their doubts of The Bat this season, could that at-bat finally be the turnaround he has been looking for all year?

Burrell had some interesting things to say to espn last night and here are some of the quotes followed by my opinion:

“We got a long way to go, and I haven’t been performing. It’s that simple”

Ummm duh you haven’t been.

“As you go along in the season, you try to build on things”

Building on what? Your .222 average or your added weight gain? Maybe you need to join your wife’s cycling class to cut off the added pounds.

But trying to be on the optimistic side of things, and knowing Burrell is a streaky player, that homerun could be the one that sets him off for a big second half.

Some people feel him in the DH spot should be perfect for him since he just gets to bat. But the thing is his body is use to playing the whole game and being warm for when he comes up to bat. Being warm is a big difference than coming straight off the bench to get one at-bat then going to sit back down. He needs to figure out how to prepare himself for his plate appearances because it’s almost the half way mark, and the stats don’t look good.

Anyone that reads the site knows I can be harsh on players for underperforming (Navi, Gabe’s). But I’m not ready to write of the 16 million dollar man yet.


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