Dude Howell In the All-Star Game?

J.P. showing off his fashionable backpack.

J.P. showing off his fashionable backpack.

Why not, if Papelidiot can be in it why can’t J.P.?

Easily the best member of the Rays bullpen right now, J.P. Howell sports a 1.63 ERA in 39 games. In his last 12 games Howell has given up no runs while only allowing six hits.

Of course he isn’t the hard throwing, K-Rod fist pumping type after he gets a save. But he gets the job done consistently, holding batters to a .187 average.

So why can’t we get him in the All-Star game? Ken Rosenthal sees J.P. as a notable omission. Read Ken’s picks here.

J.P. has been the anchor of this pen in the first half. He might not put up the numbers of the A.L’s elite such as Rivera or Nathan, but there has not been some one more important to a teams bullpen then Howell. Ever since Percy’s demise this year Howell has stepped up and now looks to be the closer for the time being.

I feel worse comes to worse Maddon brings him along with Zobrist as his choices. Also with the addition of a pitcher to the roster his chances have risen.

I mean honestly, who in their right mind would of thought that someone that tops out at 85 MPH would be this valuable?


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