Where They Stand Now

Sorry for the lack of posts as busy schedules make writing hard right now. The Tampa Bay Rays now sit in third place in the standings with 85 games left. The type of ball they have been playing as of late is playoff worthy. The question is will they maintain this style for the rest of the season?

With the jury still out on Scott Kazmir’s and David Price’s ability to go deep into games, the starting pitching could be the issue for the team right now. The bullpen looks great with J.P. Howell taking the closer role for the time being. But with the starters only lasting six innings a game, time will take its toll on the pen.

B.J. Upton has returned to full Bossman form playing outstanding as of late. He is showing signs that the power is there with a couple of homeruns in the past couple of games.

Dioner Navarro still is not playing to the ability that he is capable of. A .239 average is alright for a catcher if he plays stellar defense. But if the defense isn’t there, then you have a below average catcher.

Cool Standings has the Rays with a 49.4% chance of making the playoffs. Now this is not the number everyone wants to see but we will take it with how the start of the season went. Maybe the guy they call The Bat will start to actually use his soon.


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