Mr. Dioner Navarro

We miss the old Navi. (AP)

We miss the old Navi. (AP)

Navi is having a season which makes people speculate a couple different things. These things being how did he make the all-star team last year? Was last season a complete fluke? Should he be the catcher of the future? The Rays need to figure out the problem with Navi and it needs to be done soon.

Navarro’s season line so far is .197 3 HRs, and 14 RBI’s. What stands out more to me is the fact that Navi has drawn three walks all season. We all know Dionar is not Jeff Francoeur. So why is the not as fat catcher playing like him?

Also Navi’s defensive play has been down from last season. He has accumulated four errors this year, one less then last season. Another shocker the 19% of runners thrown out stealing.

Now there is not much to replace Navarro with. You have Michel Hernandez, who can be streaky at certain times. John Jaso has been off and on in the minors this year. And Sean Riggans has been injured all season.

One side of me wants to see Navi bounce back and hit .275 while playing stellar defense behind the plate. The other side says let Hernandez play more often and forget all about Navarro. Maybe the bobblehead promotion Sunday will help. Only time will tell what Papa Joe does with the catcher formally known as fat.


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