Hello Tampa Bay Devil Rays

In the aftermath of one of the worst losses in franchise history, we are joining the cause over at Rays Index in no longer referring to this team as the Rays until they begin playing like the Rays. They are now (or have been) the Devil Rays. Tonight’s game is a true example of past Devil Ray teams. The offense scores a lot of runs early only to watch it disappear by terrible, terrible relief pitching. All too many times during the 2006 and 2007 campaigns have we seen such atrocities, which would force us to stop watching as soon as the starting pitcher is pulled just to save us the agony of witnessing such terrible pitching.

It isn’t only tonight’s game that has us doing this, it has been a season long trend, for instance the slow start in April. Now while the Devil Rays have played much better in May, they still haven’t put it all together to make a serious run. For example, last week when the Devil Rays took three of four from the Indians only to turn around and drop three of four to a last place Oakland team. Dan Wheeler has had a habit of giving up important runs and enough has already been said about Troy Percival.

Do we think the Devil Rays can shed the Devil? Absolutely, but until they prove it, they will be known as the Devil Rays.

*Disclaimer: we hear-by refuse to pay any fines inflicted.


3 Responses to Hello Tampa Bay Devil Rays

  1. Taylor Flatt says:

    HERE-by… but that’s kind of besides the point…

  2. JMS says:

    We’re with you on this one..but Jeeshhh, how many times can Maddon mis-use his bullpen and claim “rest”. Granted they blew it, but really, he has to adjust once it got out of hand, and use Howell for one out. If that had failed, then you had absolutely done everything possible to win. Refusing to even think about using him and worrying about tomorrow’s game instead is pathetic. Got to win the one in front of you, especially with a 10-0 lead, and a 10-5 lead with one out to go. Home run, 4 walks, base hit…Howell would have gotten 1 out somewhere in there if he had been used even after 10-8, or 10-9.

  3. Taylor Flatt says:

    Well, one of the other guys should have gotten one out, too. Yes, you say you have to win the one in front of you… but you can’t NOT think about the entire season.

    Hypothetical… Howell goes out there – doesn’t get an out… and has to struggle through some pitches working his third straight day. Oh, and then a little while later we find out he’s got a problem with his arm because of the excessive work… you’d probably blame Maddon then, too.

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