Game 30: Tampa Bay Rays (13-16) VS. New York Yankees (13-14)

Pena celebrating last nights game winning homerun. (AP)

Pena celebrating last nights game winning homerun. (AP)

With our exams ending and summertime upon us we now have even more time to write articles other than pre and post game. We would like to hear from you Trop Talksters about what features you would like to see us talk about on the site. Post ideas in the comments section or click the contact us page and reach us with one of those methods. Today the Rays will try to sweep the two game series from the Yankees by sending Jeff Niemann to the mound to go up against Andy Pettitte.

What To Watch For:
With Lance Cormier being the only member of the bullpen not to throw last night, Jeff Niemann will need to last longer than his six inning average per start. The Giraffe has pitched well but needs to find a way to avoid the big inning to keep the Rays in the game.

The Longoria Pena 3-4 duo is still on a tear. If B.J. Upton can find some sort of new way to get on base along with Crawford, Longo and Pena can contribute even more .

Niemann’s ability to last deep into the game is the number one factor of the game. Establishing his presence early and often will be the key to victory for the Rays.


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