Game 23: Boston Red Sox (14-7) VS. Tampa Bay Rays (8-14)

Rays need Garza tonight to slow down the Sox. (AP)

Rays need Garza tonight to slow down the Sox. (AP)

Before I start this pre-game I would like to mention that you can now read all of our Trop Talk posts over at The Bleacher Report under the Rays section. It is a great site for all sports readers. Now back to your regularly scheduled reading. Tonight starts a series that all Rays fans are excited for. Josh Beckett and Matt Garza will take the hill for their respective teams. Fans going to the game, be loud, down the Sox, because the Rays need all the help they can get against Boston.

What To Watch For:
Do we see the team that went to the World Series tonight? Or do we encounter the Devil Rays like last night’s game. Tampa Bay needs to wake up and realize they are a Major League squad. This Boston team is on a tear right now and will pound the Rays if they don’t show up to play.

Matt Garza needs to relax on the mound tonight. Hitting spots and staying under control will be keys to his success. He has pitched well in his last two starts against Boston and will need the same consistency tonight.

The homestand will be another issue in today’s game. The Rays can not make anymore excuses about all the accolades costing them victories.

It has to be the offense today. For the sole reason that they’ve sucked as of late. No offense=no wins=very pissed off writers. The Rays need to score early and as much as possible to be successful. It’s simple baseball.


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