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After surfing around the Rays blogosphere, there seems to be a general consensus including one we highlighted towards the end of last night’s post; someone or something needs to motivate this team. Whether it be Joe Maddon lighting a fire underneath them or an event like last year’s brawl. Only fitting that the Red Sox are in town this weekend. Either way, check out what’s going on in the world of the Rays.

Read about the First Annual Rays Trade Pool which we took part in

Read about Jason Bartlett’s hamstring

Read about this weekends “must win” series

Read about the hopeless Rays

Read about Maddon needing to find his inner Lou Piniella

Read about Desmond Jennings’ hot start

Read about the Rays continuing the trend of poor starts by WS losers


One Response to Daily Links

  1. Taylor says:

    vs. LHP: BA (.259) OBP (.346) SLG(.406) SB(4)

    vs. RHP: BA(.260) OBP(.328) SLG(.446) SB(24)

    Assuming those stats are right (I found them on another Rays site and don’t feel like proving their accuracy), maybe you could touch on the wide variance in stolen bases off of LHP in a later post…

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