Game 22: Tampa Bay Rays (8-13) VS. Minnesota Twins (10-11)

This makes me sick. (AP)

This makes me sick. (AP)

Last nights game was a complete heartbreaker for any Rays fan. To watch Zorilla come off the bench and hit a bomb to put them back in the game was a feeling like no other. To bad he seems to be their only offense. The Rays will send Scott Kazmir to the mound with hopes of finally winning a series against Nick Blackburn.

What To Watch For:
Can Ben Zobrist be put in the line-up for some more at-bats please? Big Ben is on fire right now and playing him makes more sense then playing any of the lackluster Gabe’s.

Dioner Navarro needs to put the ball on the ground. It is obivious that he is not showing homerun power this season but continues to hit balls in the air.

Even though I have guessed many times for B.J. Upton to have his breakout game and failed, I am going with today to be the big day yet again. Boston comes to town for four games starting Thursday which means the Rays will need to be on top of their offensive game. And that starts off with the leadoff hitter.

Also look for a big game from Kazmir to help get momentum on the Rays side for the Boston home-stand. The Rays have another chance to win a series today and they need to take advantage of that.


One Response to Game 22: Tampa Bay Rays (8-13) VS. Minnesota Twins (10-11)

  1. We’re all waiting for Bossman to pick it up. Wouldn’t a leadoff homer be nice tonight?

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