Fear Not Rays Fans…Not Yet At Least

Who would of known keeping a site updated and maintained would be so much work! But in all seriousness, it’s been a bit of a hectic week for us but coupled with the Rays disappointing series, it’s not like we missed too much. We could go on and on with all the statistical analysis from the weekend and talk about who is struggling and why but it’s a team game. The team has yet to come together as we saw last year, but they aren’t too far off last year’s pace. It’s only the third week of the season, and the Yankees and Red Sox also have their share of issues.

It’s not like the Rays have been playing poor teams either. Minus a vastly improved Orioles team, the Rays have had to play the Red Sox, Yankees, and White Sox; all three will more then likely be in contention come September.

The losing can be attributed to a number of things but we feel that they’ve been pressing a lot. Pressing to try and impress the fans at home and play in late season form. Especially with all the festivities that were included in Championship week, throw in an average of about 28,000 fans for the week, and you can sense a certain type of pressure to perform that the players felt.

What’s annoying is that while I had these thoughts forming, and discussed it with several other fans last night, this morning the Tribune runs an article highlighting these same ideas. However it could be a good thing as more people can see a valid reason for the sluggish start. We should have a better idea though after this road trip. We promise to be fully back online for the rest the week and hopefully beyond that so check back daily.


3 Responses to Fear Not Rays Fans…Not Yet At Least

  1. I guess that’s why the Tribune writers get paid to write. 🙂

    So far, the big difference I see between this year and last is the schedule. Last year, the Rays had a lot of home games in April. Remember how Red Sox fan was whining that the Rays had so many home games at the beginning of the season? This year they have this 9 game road trip ahead of them.

    Watch for game 20. That’s when the Rays really started to turn it around in 2008. After that, if they’re not winning, the comparisons will have to stop.

  2. Tom Kolbe says:

    Rays Suck, Go Cubs!!!

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