Game 11: Chicago White Sox 5 Tampa Bay Rays 6

Ben Zobrist (center) celebrates with teammates after his sixth-inning grand slam.  (AP)

Ben Zobrist (center) celebrates with teammates after his sixth-inning grand slam. (AP)

Pre-Game Review:
Evan Longoria made his return tonight going 1-4 with a double. It still seems as Evan is trying to only hit the long ball, but it was good to see him go opposite field for the double. Carl Crawford contiuned his slump going 0-4 with a strike out. He looks as if he is pressuring himself to make plays for the team. C.C. needs to be more of a situational hitter for the Rays to make the team more successful.

What Went Right:
Joe Maddon’s decision to pinch hit for Gabe Gross in the sixth could not have been more crucial. Putting in Ben Zobrist, who hit the game winning grand slam, could of helped gain him more playing time in RF. Which makes all of us here at Trop Talk a lot happier.

Carlos Pena yet again hit another homerun making his total up to five. C-Pain looks locked in and in the zone for every at-bat he takes. If him and Longo can be locked in at the same time that will be a deadly 3-4 punch in the line-up.

B.J Upton showed why he deserves to be a Gold Glove canadite yet again with another great over the sholder catch. Also B.J had another great bunt for a hit. The Rays need him to get on more to get him running on the base paths.

What Went Wrong:
It seems that every time Troy Percival steps on the mound we want to have a heart attack. Giving up a hit and a walk in a one run game is unacceptable. Yet again we vote for the closer by committee.

Pat Burrell is looking more like a seven million dollar loss than a gain. He continues to struggle at the plate. We wonder if he is going to turn it around anytime soon.

Also the Rays left seven runners on base. The continued struggles of leaving runners in scoring postion seems to be a lingering problem. All it takes is one extra two out hit to blow a game open.

Whats Next:
The third game of the series features two top leftys. With Mark Buehrle facing off against Scott Kazmir. The game starts at 7:08 P.M EST.

Box Score


3 Responses to Game 11: Chicago White Sox 5 Tampa Bay Rays 6

  1. Besides Pat the Bat, who is a notorious slow starter, I think the Bossman/CC combo at the top of the lineup is letting us down right now. The Aki/Bartlett combination and the Longo/Pena combo are both on fire right now. Bossman/CC seem to be a broken bridge between the two pair. Now, do I think this lineup doesn’t work? No. I just think Bossman’s swing and CC’s slump are contributing to the lack for “small ball” run production.

    The good news is that the Rays are getting by right now without those two swinging good bats. I think when they come around, we’ll finally see the Vicious Circle line-up that Maddon was looking forward to.

  2. Matt Whitaker says:

    I agree with Michael… Give Pat some time. I’ve followed his career quite a bit being a Braves fan and watching their games against the Phills. He’s a slow starter but will hit his homeruns. And I think that instead of hindering the “small ball” game, CC and BJ need to be playing more small ball. They both look as though they are trying to do too much. They are speedy but they both have decent power and they both know it, which seems to almost be part of the problem. Bunts for hits, ground balls in the hole to the SS and texas leaguers and these two will get on base. It will give them more confidence at the plate and you’ll start seeing the doubles. But hey, I’d rather see them slump now then later in the season, but the sooner they can end it, the better.

    And hell, I’d like to sign a petition to send Gross down, pull up Joyce, send Percy as far away from the team as possible and start Zobrist in right… I’ve had these feelings for a while now and I think you guys are spot on with this

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