Game 11: Chicago White Sox (5-4) VS. Tampa Bay Rays (4-6)

Longo hopes to return to help Rays bounce back.

Longo hopes to return to help Rays bounce back.

Adrian and I were in attendance for last night’s game and we have come to one conclusion: we hate players by the name of Gabe. Both put up some of the most pathetic at bats in last night’s game. I am trying to stay positive but we need Joyce or Zobrist to step up and take over the RF position. Since Adrian does not want me to ream into the Gabe duo that bad I will stop for the day. In tonight’s game, King James tries to get the Rays on the winning track against Bartolo Colon. I will be in attendance tonight so if any Gabe screws up, listen for a ridicule comment from the LF seats.

What To Watch For:
Reports have said that Evan Longoria should return from his family issues for tonight’s game. If that happens then it is a big boost for the offense. The Rays need to get Carlos Pena some help in the order, as C-Pain is swinging the hot stick right now.

Expect Crawford to bounce back from last nights performance. An 0-5 night is bad, but Carl had to go up against Danks who has great stuff.

Also stealing will be another factor tonight. With Colon, the Rays face a right handed pitcher, so there is no shocking pick off move to first.


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