Game 8: Yankees 7 Rays 2

Burnett, Yankees spoil ring ceremony (AP Photo/Chris OMeara)

Burnett, Yankees spoil ring ceremony (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Attribute this shorter post game analysis to me being bitter about the game and having to finish a term paper.

What Went Right:
Matt Garza struggled in the first but only surrendered one run after the Yankees opened up with the bases loaded and no outs. After that first inning, he would pitch six more innings, scattering three hits, one walk, and one mistake pitch that Nick Swisher obliterated. Garza fanned nine and when he was lifted, he left the Rays in a position to come back.

Then in the seventh, Carl Crawford put the Rays in the hit column with a leadoff single. Evan Longoria would follow with another, and Carlos Pena would drive in the first run for the Rays.

Although he swung on 3-0, Pat Burrell got the job done and drove in the tying run. Which led to:

What Went Wrong:
Pena getting picked off first…by catcher Jose Molina. There was absolutely no reason for Pena to be drifting that far off of first especially with Ben Zobrist up. The same Ben Zobrist that hit a homerun off A.J. Burnett last year with a man on and two outs in the seventh. What was the situation when Zobrist stepped in tonight? Burnett pitching with a man on and two outs in the seventh. I’m not saying Zobrist was going to homer again, but Pena getting picked off definitely killed the momentum that the Rays had finally gained.

The bullpen. J.P. Howell and Dan Wheeler combined gave up six hits and five runs in two innings of work. However, most of the damage can be attributed to Wheeler’s outing as a one run deficit is much more manageable then a five run deficit.

Evan Longoria, B.J. Upton, and Dioner Navarro each collected a hat trick and the Rays had 12 strikeouts overall. I know that Burnett has lights out stuff but the way you overcome that is by picking out a pitch and waiting for it. Neither of those guys picked the right pitch (except Longo in the seventh).

What’s Next:
The rubber game of the series will be a 4:08 PM start and a battle of the Andy’s as Sonnanstine faces Pettite. The Rays have had some recent success off Pettite and they are going to need some if they want to take the series.

Box Score


4 Responses to Game 8: Yankees 7 Rays 2

  1. It’s always tougher on the post game analysis when the Rays lose. lol

    As for the game itself, I’m still not sure about the defensive alignment for Brett Gardner. I know… spray charts, batter tendancies, etc… but, it just hurts to see that guy beat us by essentially hitting pop-ups over our outfielders.

  2. staplemaniac says:

    It’s disappointing to see Wheeler getting in there in a close situation. He’s just not reliable enough for me. Honestly, after seeing how he can pitch while healthy, I would have rather Percy come in.

  3. Ryan Portilla says:

    You guys couldn’t have pointed out the momentum changer any better!!! What was Pena thinking…O well; hopefully we can win tonight and win the series!!

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