Game 8: New York Yankees (3-4) VS. Tampa Bay Rays (4-3)

C-Pain had six RBI's in last nights game. (Steve Nesius/AP)

C-Pain had six RBI's in last nights game. (Steve Nesius/AP)

Only if every game could be like yesterdays with the amount of runs put up. Even Nick Swisher could pitch with that amount of support. Opening night was surreal. From watching the banners rise, to beating the piss out of the Yankees, it does not get much better than that. But today is a new day which comes with a new game. The Yanks will send A.J. Burnett to face off with Matt Garza.

What To Watch For:
A.J Burnett will have to hold his own for a while on the mound after Girardi used a decent part of the bullpen last night. If the offense can hop on him earily, it could be another long night for the Yanks.

Carlos Pena showed his slump the front door last night after deciding to swing the bat and not watch every fastball go by. Look for C-Pain to continue to be hot in the four spot in the line-up.

B.J Upton didn’t only make his return offensively but also had a spectacular catch last night. Of course I had to leave my seats and use the bathroom during the web gem and completely missed all the replays of it. If Bossman J.R. can stay strong in the lead off spot and swipe bases like last night, he can cause serious damage to NY.

Consistency will be the issue here today. Garza needs to carry over from his first start and the offense needs to post runs. They don’t need double digits like they have had the past two games, but the more the better. Base running. Can we go a game without a Gabe giving up an easy out to the opposition on the base paths?

Also lets try to keep Swisher off the mound. He seemed to be the only pitcher that was able to figure the Rays out yesterday.


3 Responses to Game 8: New York Yankees (3-4) VS. Tampa Bay Rays (4-3)

  1. I’ll be happy to see Nick Swisher take the mound again. It means Girardi has given up. Swisher’s act last night is the reason the Yankees can’t beat the Rays. That team is a collection of individuals who’re only worried about themselves, not the team. That’s why Swisher could smile after such an embarrassing loss… he had a good game!

  2. Ryan Portilla says:

    What else do you expect from the Yanks…They’re perfectly content with getting their butts kicked to a division rivalry as long as they get their daily checks that are worth way too much!!

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