Game 5: Tampa Bay Rays (2-2) VS. Baltimore Orioles (3-1)

Longoria hopes to keep the hot streak at the plate.

Longoria hopes to keep the hot streak at the plate.

Yes yes yes…..we lost to the Orioles. It was a disappointing day. I was not able to watch the game as Adrian said, but from Sonny’s stats, the game did not look promising. Longo did stay on fire hitting two homeruns. However it is a new day and the Rays look to bounce back sending Jeff Niemann to the mound to face Jeremy Guthrie.

What To Watch For:
This one is pretty much a no brainer: Jeff Niemann. The Giraffe gets his first start for the Rays after being announced the teams fifth starter. Also it seems like Longo’s name is getting pretty common here for good reasons. We’re not complaing, we just use copy and paste from last posts.

Navi will need to be more productive. He picked up his first hit last night and is not looking like the all-star that he was at the dish just yet so expect some better approaches from him. Matt Joyce will be back in the line-up as he still tries to make his push to stay when B.J Upton comes back. Let’s hope he gets hot so we can dump a Gabe.

Iwamura 2b
Crawford lf
Longoria 3b
Pena 1b
Burrell dh
Joyce cf
Navarro c
Gross rf
Bartlett ss
Niemann p


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