Game 4: Rays 4 Orioles 5

Kapler gets tagged out on a rundown.

Kapler gets tagged out on a rundown.

Neither myself nor Brett was able to watch the game tonight as I had to work and Brett was busy but from the looks of it, Andy Sonnanstine struggled. The good news is that Evan Longoria is still on a tear after dropping two more homers. He’s on pace for 162 on the year…just saying.

Looking at the box score, our bullpen bounced back from yesterday’s struggles to keep the O’s within reach but the comeback bid came just short. Good job by the Rays to show some fight after being down four.

Apparently Gabe Kapler had a bit of a base running debacle and also added three k’s to his night. We here are not really feeling the Gabe duo so far. But those problems should be alleviated Monday once B.J. Upton returns.

Jeff Niemann takes the hill tomorrow for the Rays. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs now that the Rays have awarded him as the fifth starter. Should he succeed, he should stick around for awhile. If he struggles, then David Price might arrive sooner then anticipated.

Box Score


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