Game 3: Tampa Bay Rays (1-1) VS. Boston Red Sox (1-1)

Aki and Longo celebrating the win yesterday.

Aki and Longo celebrating the win yesterday.

The Rays pick up the win last night in an offensive outburst, putting up seven runs. Kid-K almost looked like his old self throwing the slider, but still had a decently high pitch count. Also, The Mad Aussie grabs the save after coming in during the eighth and had this to say

“There’s a big difference between the spring and the season,” Balfour said. “You just get that adrenaline rush, that feeling. And I felt that tonight. I felt locked in and I felt good.”MLB

The rubber match between the Rays and Sox takes place today at 1:35 P.M. EST. Todays game features the ALCS MVP Matt Garza against Daisuke Matsuzaka. As Adrian said yesterday he is in Boston for the game today so I get to run everything.

What To Watch For:
Garza’s right arm.Matt was said at one point during spring to have a tired arm. Probably stemming from the amount of innings he threw last season. It will be interesting to see how long Pappa Joe leaves him on the hill. Carlos Pena at the plate. C-Pain hit a bomb to centerfield last night. Hopefully that same approach is used today against Dice-K.First Base Line. I think Adrian is sitting over there. He will probably be the only one wearing Rays gear.

Im going with the 3-4-5 part of the order early in the game today. Even though Longo and Pena both hit homeruns, they were in the the later half of the game when the Rays already had it rapped up. Also look for the running game to pick up again. The 9-1-2 part of the order collected nine hits last night and all contain great speed no matter the combination.

As always lineups will be posted as soon as I get them.


3 Responses to Game 3: Tampa Bay Rays (1-1) VS. Boston Red Sox (1-1)

  1. Kevin Otero says:

    The Rays looked strong and determined at this game. That is the kind of attitude and effort they need to keep having in order to be playing again in the month of October.

  2. Anne Hansen says:

    This is just the beginning. We are so ready to take the series from the Sox. Garza will be on his game today.. Go Rays!!!

  3. Ryan Portilla says:

    I hope to God we take the opening series against these guys and show them that last year wasn’t a fluke…I know it’s still early but a season opening series win IN BOSTON will show them what’s up!!!

    GO RAYS!!!


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