Game 2: Tampa Bay Rays (0-1) VS. Boston Red Sox (1-0)

Whooooooo-hooooooooo the Red Sox have won the World Series yayyyyy!!!!!!. Oh wait….it was the first game of the season. Sorry Red Sox fans, you will have to see us alot more this year.

After yesterdays rough outing the Rays try to bounce back to even up the series and win their first game of the year. The Rays will send Scott Kazmir to the mound to face off with John Lester.

What To Watch For
Carlos Pena’s ability to look at third strikes. Pena’s great snag at first base was cancelled out by the 0-4 four K performance at the dish. Kid-K’s pitch count. Probably the biggest issue in Kazmir’s success today. Also the new Outfield. Since Lester is a lefty, Maddon is opting to start Gabe Kapler in CF and Ben Zobrist in RF. Look for them to provide more offense than Joyce and Gross could have (even though it was none).

Kazmir’s Slider. Scotty K’s out pitch needs to be big today to stop the Sox. Offensive at-bats . We saw Beckett in prime form last night striking out ten Rays hitters. Look for that to be cut down in order to pick up the win.

Check back later today for lineups.


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