Over/Under: Evan Longlorious

Longo batted .272, with 27 HR’s, 85 RBI’s, and 7 SB’s

Prediction: Over

I feel that now with a year under his belt Evan should feel more adapted to the Majors now. Hopefully a year of seeing Major League pitching will help improve his eye and his ability to lay off those pesky out of the zone 2 strike sliders. With Pena and Burrell giving Longo protection in the order, he should receive better pitching to hit. Also, the possibility of RBI’s should definitely rise having Upton and Crawford in front. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a ball in the TBT Deck from Longlorious this year.

Predicted ‘09 Stats .292, 31 HR’s 103 RBI’s and 6 SB’s



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