Six Pack of Question: Opening Series

April 9, 2010

Mmmmm. Frosty.

In an attempt to offer something new to the site we are bring in the six pack of questions. These questions will basically stem from conversations fellow Rays fans have with each other while drinking, you guessed it, beer. So without further to do, I present the first ever Six Pack Read the rest of this entry »

My First Opening Day

April 8, 2010

I invited my roommate to attend opening day with me for the fact that he has never experienced one. One beer lead to another and I told him that I would let him write about his experiences. Without further to do I present Alex Monroe’s first ever opening day.

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Game 2: O’s 3 Rays 4

April 7, 2010

Garza carried the Rays in their victory tonight.

What Went Right

This team notches another come from behind win which is exciting to see. They could of easily come out flat after last nights opening day performance.

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Rays 4, O’s 3 Post Game 4/6/10

April 6, 2010

So uh, I was more pumped about Opening Day this year than I have ever been.. The Rays didn’t let that excitement go to waste! WALK OFFFFF!!!!

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Opening Day is Near

April 4, 2010

Never been more excited for opening day.(MLB)

As I sit here and watch the season opener between the Yanks and Sox (while heavily drinking of course), I am very excited for what this possible season can bring.

1. No more awful Sportscenter Top 10’s featuring only the NBA and womens basketball highlights.

2. The possibility of what can be with this seasons team.

We know the talent that is on this team and so does the whole baseball world. Do we see a team that lives up to the hype and produces? Or do we get the 09 team that underachieves?

One things for sure and that is the beginning of this season will be the most important time for the Rays. It will lead to a possible fire-sale or playoff run. Lets just hope for the latter.

Projected Line-Up

December 21, 2009

In an effort to spice up the site, over the holiday break I am going to attempt to learn as much about sabermetrics as I can. But for now it’s back to writing the basic stuff I know how to. Over the next weeks I will be breaking down what I think the starting 9 will be and will continue to update it until the season starts. Read the rest of this entry »

Thoughts on Acquisitions

December 13, 2009

Thank you for noting being old and throwing over 90. (AP)

Time to dust the cobwebs off of this site a little bit. The Rays have been pretty active in the off-season and the winter meetings. Lets just take a look at some of the major movies and give our opinion on them. Read the rest of this entry »